McKie Thumb Splint Features

All McKie Thumb Splints and Supinator Straps are made of hand washable (do not machine wash), 1.5 mm fabric-covered neoprene. Outer fabric is looped Nylon which allows attachment of hook tape anywhere on the splints . All splints are available in 6 colors, black, navy blue, red, royal blue, pink and tan. “Decorated” splints are available in sizes P4, P5 and P6.

How It Works

Neurological/ Developmental Deficits
  • The thumb is drawn into opposition. The splint pulls in the same direction as muscle attached to the thumb.
  • Because active, opposed grasp is supported, the potential for acquisition of abnormal, compensatory grasp patterns is diminished.
  • The neoprene is only 1.5mm and coverage of the palm is minimal, thus adequate space is left in the hand to manipulate and explore objects.
  • Normal hand use and development is thus not thwarted by the splint itself.
  • For weakness and hypermobility at the M-P joint, strap placement at the head of the metacarpal will block hyperextension.
  • The splint provides light compression.
  • It cushions the thenar eminence and reduces joint play.
  • At the C-M-C joint, the splint strap can be attached to provide lift to the thumb metacarpal and increase joint space.
  • For weakness and hypermobility at the M-P joint, strap placement at the head of the metacarpal will block hyperextension.

Supinator Strap Features

Supination is the forearm motion that turns the palm up. Whether child or adult, it is needed for most activities of daily living including eating, cup holding, dressing, bathing, combing hair, brushing teeth and holding a pencil. Control of supination develops very early when infants begin to explore all sides of objects. It can be lost or fail to develop as a result of neurological injury.

How It Works

  • Attaches to the back of the splint to aid radial deviation and wrist extension.
  • It wraps around the forearm to pull the hand into supination.
  • When self-attached above the elbow, facilitates elbow extension.
  • The strap can also be attached to promote forearm pronation
Who Can Benefit from a Supination Strap?
  • Adults with Stroke or Neurological Injury
  • Children with Cerebral Palsy who have impaired reach and weight bearing of the upper limb
  • Children with Brachial Plexus Injury
  • Children with Arthrogryposis

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