"Do More with a McKie Splint"

McKie Splints designs and manufactures therapeutic splinting devices specializing in the thumb, wrist and hand.

Unlock your potential today with a McKie Splint

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Thumb Splints and More

McKie Splints offers neoprene thumb splints, supination straps and custom wrist-hand orthotics. Our designs are bio-mechanically aligned to assist weaker muscles during grasp and reach. Our splints are available in six appealing colors with sizes that fit infants, children, teenagers, and adults. Select which size thumb splint you are looking for.

The McKie Thumb Splint is trusted by Industry Leading Medical Institutions and Healthcare Professionals

McKie Splints are recommended both nationally and internationally by Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Wrist/Hand Orthotists.

The McKie Thumb Splint is designed to promote use of the hand. Our slogan “Do More” is a statement to help encourage users of our products to actually do more with their hands. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Diagnoses and conditions that may benefit from a McKie Splint:

Arthritis - Cerebral Palsy - Hemiplegia - Arthrogryposis - Injury to the thumb - M.S. Multiple Sclerosis - Sensory Defensiveness - Weakness of limb or hand - Stroke or Neurological Disease - De Quervains - Tendonitis - Trigger Thumb - Sprained Thumb - Gamer's Thumb

We are now offering splinting webinars for OT & PT teams and organizations

If you and your team are interested in learning about how McKie Splints products can help your patients, contact us to set up an informative product consultation that includes: Product Demonstrations - Samples for Hands on Experience - Case Studies - Applications - Applied Benefits - Recommendations - Q and A with certified Occupational Therapist

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

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