Sizing for Adults and Children

To assure the best fit, use of a sizing kit is strongly recommended. If a sizing kit is unavailable, follow the directions below. Neonatal sizes are suitable for very small or prematurely born infants. Pediatric sizes are suitable for children from about 3 months to 6-10 years. Older children and adults need adult sizes. When figuring sizes, it is important to use a centimeter tape measure.

How to Determine Thumb Splint Size

1. Measurement A

Measure to the 1/10th of a centimeter the circumference of the far or distal thumb joint.

2. Measurement B

Measure to the 1/10th of a centimeter the distance on the palm from the distal thumb joint to the center of the wrist crease.

3. Refer to Chart

On the appropriate chart (see links below), find the the square where Measurement A and Measurement B meet. The square should fall within a bold area corresponding to the correct size. If Neonatal use only Measurement A an Neonatal Sizing and refer to the neonatal chart for neonatal sizing.

Example: If Measurement A = 5.2 centimeters and Measurement B = 6.0 centimeters, then splint size = P5

4. Record Sizes

Note splint size and left or right hand, as this is required when ordering. If ordering offline, the catalog # for the above example would be P5-L (left hand) or P5-R (right hand).

How to Determine Supinator Size

When figuring sizes, it is important to use a centimeter tape measure. All supinator straps may be shortened.
  • X-Small (7/8 inch x 15 inches) straps are typically needed by infants.
  • Small (1 inch x 18 inches) straps fit toddlers through about 6 years. 
  • Medium (1 1⁄2 inches x 24 inches) straps fit larger children, young teens and smaller adults. 
  • Large (2 inches x 30 inches) straps fits most adults and older teens.

Need Custom Sizing?

When hand sizes fall outside the standard sizes provided, you may call or choose the custom options when ordering. To order a custom size we still will need measurements A & B. Select or Specify whether you need a longer strap, larger thumb piece or added reinforcement at the web space. Custom cut longer, larger supinator straps are also available.

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