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Allyson Splint

$ 139.00

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Record measurements in millimeters. Instructions →

Left Right  
A - Circumference of the distal thumb joint.
B - Distal thumb crease to center of wrist crease.
C - Circumference of wrist.
D - Circumference of forearm at proximal end of the splint.
E - Desired Length of the forearm component of the splint.

Include a photocopy, scan or accurate line drawing of the palm of your hand with your order.

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Product details

  • Replacement thermoplastic stays are available for purchase by contacting us.
  • A custom wrist-hand orthosis
  • Available in sizes ranging from neonatal to large adult.
  • Stream-lined design that dynamically promotes wrist extension and thumb opposition.
  • Ulnar strapping diminishes ulnar deviation.
  • Made from 1.5 mm washable nylon-covered neoprene
  • The smooth side nylon is worn against the skin and the outer looped nylon fabric is receptive to hook tape, thus allowing considerable adaptability when attaching the  strapping.
  • Latex free and available in 6 colors
  • Removable, moldable low temperature plastic stay that crosses the wrist on the palm side and supports wrist extension
  • Additional custom options include web stay patch (you apply) and ulnar stay.

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Allyson Splint
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