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Decorated Thumb Splint - Adult Sizes

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Decorated McKie Thumb Splint -- Adult Sizes

  • Dimensional fabric paints are used to "decorate" the splint.  The paints are washable and permanent.  (Note: Decorated splints are not intended for use by children who might chew on the painted surface of the splint.)
  • Available in pediatric sizes P4, P5, and P6; other sizes available as a custom option.
  • Available in red or royal blue; other colors available as a custom option.
  • Dynamic, streamlined design promotes thumb opposition during grasp.
  • Minimal palmar coverage allows the hand to function normally -- to feel and manipulate objects.
  • Made from 1.5 mm thick, washable, nylon-covered neoprene.
  • Latex free.
  • The smooth side nylon is worn against the skin and the outer looped nylon fabric is receptive to hook tape, thus allowing adaptability when attaching the strapping.
  • Extra hook tape is available for purchase.  VELCRO® brand as well as other hook tape brands are used in the manufacture of the McKie Thumb Splint.
  • Custom options include custom sizing, longer strapping, lengthened or shortened thumb, and plastic web stay.

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Decorated Thumb Splint - Adult Sizes
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